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¡ En Vaso ...! [low vine...!] Bobal 

Variety: Spanish Heirloom Bobal

Region: Manchuela, España V.C.P.R.D.

Vineyard: In Mahora, Dry grown, 100+year old, centurion bush vine.

Soil: Limestone rich, red, sandy Miocene era sedimentary clay.

Yield: 3 to 4 tonnes per hectare.

Our single vineyard tilt, ¡ En Vaso ...! [low vine...!] is the quixotic quest of Cien y Pico to protect & honour our 19th Century vineyards and allow, if you will, four Winemakers-errant, to fight foes in the battle for vineyards of biodiversity, terroir & heraldry.

Tasting notes...2011