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Knights-errant Garnacha Tintorera

Region: Manchuela, Spain V.C.P.R.D.

Vineyard: In Mahora, Dry grown, 100+year old, centurion bush vine.

Soil: Limestone rich, red, sandy Miocene era sedimentary clay

Yield: 3.3 tonnes per hectare

Palate: An absolute blockbuster. Intense blackberry fruit strong but soft, a velvet glove over and iron fist. Dark leather and dry high cocoa tannins and an almost chocolate truffled pallet, supported by creamy blueberry cheesecake and fresh uplifting powerful pure blackberry. The Knights-errant is too long in the mouth to describe except to say it is hauntingly long in the echoes of flavour. Also interesting to note this wine can be left open in the bottle for quite a few days and still looks very impressive and that we consider the Knights-errant to be a vinous time capsule that will benefit from bottle ageing, especially under screw cap, a Knight-exemplar if you like. As Winemakers-errant we challenge you to try this wine, if only once on your life. En Guarde!.

Tasting notes...2007...2008.....